Can I use the QNAP TS-251 as a music database for iTunes (on a Macbook Pro)?

Another question I would like to ask, can I use the QNAP 251 as a music database for iTunes on my Macbook Pro as well?
So basically I will use:

  • 1 x SSD drive on NAS to run Roonserver + Roon Database
  • 1 x 2TB drive on NAS to store music as iTunes/Music folder

Then I can run a Roon Ready player to my hifi system, and I can also use iTunes with the same music database on my Mac in case I want to sync some music to my iPhone.
Is it possible to do this? or is there any better way?

Hi Kyle

Although I haven’t done it myself, I think you could. QNAP include an iTunes server which you should enable, setting the appropriate folder(s) to monitor.

Then install the Roon qkpg on your server and set up the same paths to your music folder within Roon.

To utilise the SSD for the Roon db, simply follow the instructions on @crieke’s website.

Hi Mark,
I already tried to set up this way and iTunes will only display songs as a list, no cover flow, also I can only listen to the songs, I can’t sync it to iPhones via iTunes.
Today I will try to relocate the iTunes Music folder (access via iTunes/Preferences) and see if it works.

I dont understand why you would want to use the iTunes library server in the QNAP?
I have been running iTunes on Macs (and occasionally on PC) for quite a few years, always with the library on a ReadOnly share on my QNAP.
Just connect to your share on the QNAP, probably called Multimedia or something. When The Multimedia folder is visible on your desktop on the Mac you can select it (or a folder within) and add the music to your library. Do NOT forget to uncheck the ‘copy files to my iTunes folder’ in settings first though! :slight_smile:
iTunes win happily play music from your NAS this way. To make sure everything works after reboot etc. add the mounted volume to your profiles startup items.

Thanks Mikael, can you sync the music stored in Multimedia folder on your NAS to an iPhone via iTunes?

Yes, i have an iPod Classic which gets it music that way. (Selected the “create a low resolution version of the music synced” option to make room for a lot of music)
i also tried the itunes library server option on my QNAP but never understood its greatness! :slight_smile:

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