Can I view the details of a network share config?

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Not sure when it happened, perhaps around 2.0 release.
I have 3 shares mounted from my Mac to the sonictransport - the main one, multichannel music, and dsd/dsf high res
The first 2 still work, but Roon is saying it can’t see the 3rd one (although nothing changed in my config).
In trying to edit the network share in Roon, I can’t get the mount and login info right so far.
So, I’d like to see how I configured the other 2 that are working.
But, I don’t see how in Roon to view those network mount configs.
I can only say add a network share, not see the configuration settings I used to set one up.
Is there any way to see the configs? Thanks.

Solved it by trying various versions of the path and login information. Would still be good to know how to view the current network share configurations though…

That might be an idea for a Feature Request.

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