Can iPeng make the iPad a Roon endpoint? [Yes. Implemented in iPeng 9.3]


For those concerned about unexpected downconversion, we could force Roon to downconvert all audio to the iPeng endpoint to 16/44 before sending, right? That seems like an ideal solution for a wireless endpoint anyway.

(Joerg Schwieder) #224

Well, as long as “wireless” means WiFi you can pretty much use any format you want (OK, raw PCM at 384 kbps with your server also on WiFi and several players playing simultaneously could at some point become a stretch but that’s probably a special case).
If “wireless” means remote streaming over cellular then downsampling or even mp3 encoding probably makes sense.


I’ve been using this exact same setup—it’s stellar.

Synology > iPad Pro 10.5" > Audioquest Nighthawk / 64 Audio V6-Stage

Sometimes I introduce the Oppo HA-2 if I have the desk space for it.

KEF LS50 wireless - roon ready? [not roon ready, but supported natively]
(Beau Randall) #226

Hi, I downloaded this a few days ago after seeing a writeup on Darko’s blog and am quite pleased.

I do have an an issue in that enabling Roon’s DSP causing some stuttering - it’s rock stable with DSP off. Anyone else having an issue here? Would love to use the convolution filter to get some DRC magic happening.

(Joerg Schwieder) #227

Does the convo filter work with other Squeezebox players? What sample rate?

(Beau Randall) #228

Hi Joerg,

Just using 44khz streamed from Tidal, no upsampling - have not tried the conv filter w/ other Squeezebox players. Also noticed this w/ Roon’s parametric EQ as well (just the conv or PEQ by itself), so it’s not just that particular filter.

EDIT: I just tried rebooting my computer and it doesn’t seem to be happening anymore. I’ll just chalk it up to something eating up too much processing power for Roon. Will update if I can have something more conclusive to reproduce.

(Paul) #229

If it’s of any help, mine appears exactly the same.


@Joerg_Schwieder, this is great, just great! The only thing I’m missing (and I read the entire thread), is how I can keep the volume from jumping up to the max each time the next song starts. Never experienced this in Roon, but when playing on my (new) iPad with iPeng/Roon over my headphones, each time a new songs starts the volume goes all the way up and I have to adjust it. Hope this is a simple setting I’m missing?

(Joerg Schwieder) #231

This should not be, sounds a bit like a volume feedback loop.
Could you quit iPeng (and kill it through the task manager, in case you have enabled “Preserve Connection”).
Then please check whether the volume on your iPad is set to 100% and if it isn’t, turn it down one step.

Then try iPeng again.

Another question would be if you use any kind of replay gain (volume normalization).

Volume feedback loops habe been a problem with iPeng on LMS in the past but should be fixed there but Roon’s volume control might work somewhat differently and re-introduce the feedback loop.
This is horribly complicated because there are three different volume control mechanisms that need to be coordinated (actually four, if you also use replay gain).


Hi @Joerg_Schwieder, thanks for your quick reply! I did all that already, but it didn’t work. Then I rebooted the iPad and at first, it didn’t work either. Then, after some more restarting of both iPeng and Roon, all of a sudden it did work. Can’t find a logical explanation, but seems like the rebooting of the iPad did it. I did this last night and tried again just now a few times, and it still seems to be working perfectly.

Regarding the volume normalization: I sometimes use Roon’s Volume Levelling, and suspect I will do even more often when listening to Roon with my headphones over the iPad. Are you suggesting Volume Levelling will be problematic for iPeng, or is your volume normalization a completely different thing?

(Rik Carter) #233

+1 for iPeng. Have taken to listening to Roon in my bedroom via. my active speakers but the missus was getting a bit fed up of such ‘late night listening’ so I had to resort to headphones. Started looking into Roon Ready headphone amps/streamers, etc. without any real enthusiasm for spending another couple hundred quid. Heard about iPeng. Installed it. Made sure Roon was in logitech media server compatible mode. And, well, it just works. I now listen to my Roon library via. headphones plugged into my iPad.

Awesome job @Joerg_Schwieder!

(Joerg Schwieder) #234

@koen Volume leveling would be the same thing.
I’ll have a look at that with iPeng.
I have to see how they do this. The Squeezebox protocol can either use that as a separate parameter (that’s just multiplied with the “normal” volume level) or by modifying said normal volume level. The former should not cause any issues, the latter might make volume control even more confusing then it is anyway.
I know how it works with Logitech’s server and have tested it there but I’m not sure how well it’s tested against Roon.


Hi @Joerg_Schwieder, would be great if that could work without issues, many thanks in advance for looking into it!

(String ) #236

Hi @Joerg_Schwieder
What of the different iPeng app shall I choose to play up Roon in my iPhone/IPad, I have a iPhone 6 and a iPad Air with iOS 11.0.2
So I can listen to Roon music with headphones…?
Is it difficult to setup the iPeng, or?
I’m using Allo USBridge with Sparky, but I hope that’s no problem?


(Joerg Schwieder) #237

You need iPeng 9 and the “Playback” In-App-Purchase.
There should not be any additional setup required to use iPeng with Roon except for the In-App-Purchase which you can find in the App under “Settings->Enable Playback”.

You need the full Roon (not Roon Essentials), and you must not have a Logitech Media Server running on the same machine as Roon, these are the only limitations.

Besides that please read above on how to use the two Apps together, you need to switch Apps because with Roon iPeng is just a player.

(String ) #238

Okay so iPeng 9, the one that is Squeezebox rem…
Or the iPeng upgrade bundle for iPhone?

You wrote the full Roon! I have the Core on my computer and my iPad/iPhone is the remote and I have a USBridge to my DAC’s!

(Joerg Schwieder) #239

Yes, that’s fine on the Roon side.
The upgrade Bundle is for people who already own iPeng Classic, if you don’t you’d buy two Apps one of which doesn’t run on iOS 11 and doesn’t work with Roon so no, just iPeng 9.

(String ) #240

Hi @Joerg_Schwieder

Thanks :pray: for your great help.
I have iPeng 9 including the “Playback” app, on my iPhone and iPad now!
It’s working perfectly, so once again thanks a lot for your advice and help.



no ios 11?? ipeng bundle.

(Joerg Schwieder) #242

I’m not sure I understand? iPeng 9 works with iOS 11 and there are upgrade bundles from iPeng Classic but we don’t have a new App for iOS 11, iPeng 9 simply got an update (and will get some more for iPhone X etc.)