Can iPeng make the iPad a Roon endpoint? [Yes. Implemented in iPeng 9.3]


@Joerg_Schwieder, I do find iPeng quite unstable on my latest iPad, with iOS 10 as well as with iOS 11. Many times, when I start iPeng, it closes itself and I have to restart it several times before it’s stable and before I’m able to start Roon Remote (most recent version). Could this be a bug, or can something else be wrong?

(Joerg Schwieder) #244

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, i haven’t had similar reports so far or experienced it myself (but now do most testing on iOS 11) but this should not be.
How quickly does it crash? Could you maybe send me a diagnostics mail from iPeng while it’s running (tap the mail link under “Help” and briefly describe the problem). And please include which exact iPad model you use.


Thanks for your quick reply, @Joerg_Schwieder. If it crashes, it’s immediately upon launching, before I can see the menu ore anything. I’ll try and generate diagnostics as you describe when I get home.

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Interesting, I’ve had some reports of this with iOS 9.0.x, especially on jailbroken devices but never about iOS 10.
Any special settings enabled on the iPad, accessibility or something?
You don’t have any parental controls (age limit) enabled? iPeng is 17+ because it contains a browser.


No, none of that. I use it exclusively for Roon (and iPeng :wink:) and I’m the only user.


iPeng and Roon remote no longer working for me since the recent IOS update and Roon update. Anyone having similar problems.?

(Joerg Schwieder) #249

What exactly is the problem?


The problem is that the Roon core no longer recognises iPeng as an available end point, yesterday it was fine but since the latest Roon update today nothing. The Roon remote also fails to work when you try to play a song is just hangs and then skips through all the songs in the Que. The Roon remote issue on the iPad seems to be a separate issue I think, the Roon core plays fine on my Mac Mini.

(Joerg Schwieder) #251

That sounds like something you should report directly to Roon.

(Henry) #252

My core is ROCK but it needed a couple of restarts to burst into life after the updates.

(Anders Vinberg) #253

I just tested iPeng with Roon (core is build 269, iPad is not updated yet, build 264) on my new iPad 12” with iOS 11, no problem.


It’s working for me as well using the latest Roon core and remote build (269). Remote is an iPad mini 2 running iOS 11.0.3.


Working perfectly for me too.
Purchased iPeng and the in-app purchase last night, and was up and running [iPad as a Roon endpoint] in less than a minute,
Using a 9.7” iPad Pro, and already had the Roon app installed.

(Paul Dickerson) #256


Awesome! Good job. It’s also good to see the Roon team supporting 3rd party developer initiatives.


and connecting the ipad to active speakers is possible? incl…audioquest dragonfly

(robert w burdick) #258

what exactly is ‘PLAYBACK’ in-app purchase i purchased the ipeng 9 then added the 13$ bundle when i saw your post how EXACTLY do i get ROON to play on my iPad on the 3rd floor of my house from my ROON player on my macmini on first floor do I have to spend another 13$? i don’t mind just tell me exactly what i have to do-i also sent you a question on your web site also today from my iPad also will your app work to send Audirvana-A+3 to the iPad it apparently also only works as a remote not a ‘renderer’ thanks bobbmd

(Joerg Schwieder) #259

Robert, I think I just sent you a mail on your support request.
Apart from that: the In-App-Purchase can be purchased from the app itself under “Settings->Enable Playback” (that’s why Apple calls these features “In-App-Purchases”).

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adamus, sorry for the late reply, the forum logged me out so I missed your question.
You should be able to connect the iPad using the Camera Connection Kit, a Lightning (or 30-pin) to USB converter.
You probably also need a split cable to power the whole setup.


Firewall Ports, Windows Server 2016. @Joerg_Schwieder

Please which ports to open to allow iPeng to communicate with Roon (via LMS). I disabled Firewall and connection was instant. Obviously I can’t leave my firewall turned off.
Please help.

(Joerg Schwieder) #262

It should use port 9000 TCP and port 3483 TCP and UDP although I believe that port 9000 is configurable (it is for Logitech Media Server).