Can iPeng make the iPad a Roon endpoint? [Yes. Implemented in iPeng 9.3]

(David Orgel) #263

If you get this lightning-to-USB adapter, you can use a lightning cable for charging at the same time a USB DAC is attached:

(Paul Dickerson) #264

Wish I had known Roon was going to deliver on IOS playback rather than a much awaited MQA solution.

(Nick Baker) #265

Certainly not high on my list (MQA that is) and fairly certain that if you did a pole more people have been waiting a lot longer for IOS playback.

(Henry) #266

I think IOS playback was a quick win. Without it the leap to 1.4 would have seemed mostly cosmetic, and the popularity of IOS playback was easily demonstrated in this thread. But MQA is far bigger as part of the long term strategy for Roon and any potential streaming service. Not because it has to be there, but because it can’t not be there if you get my reasoning. It is a badge people will expect to see even if they might never use it.

(Nick Baker) #267

Not for me, almost the opposite in fact I might actually favour one that hasn’t bought the magic clothes :sunglasses:

(Jeff) #268

That’s silly talk. iOS playback was needed for the bigger grander mobile solution, not a quick win. MQA isn’t needed at all, but it still plays back as is and if you do as MQA wants and buy new hardware you get the full experience using Roon.

(Henry) #269

Perhaps it is silly to you. But I do acknowledge that ‘mobile’ solution would need to be both IOS and Android. The question is which will come first? MQA unfolding or the mobile solution?


I don’t agree. I don’t care one bit about MQA (yet), but I think this is the latest train new customers will want to get on, and as @Henry_McLeod says — unfortunately — I think it will be like this: “not because it has to be there, but because it can’t not be there.” Sticker collectors, eh? :wink:

(Paul Dickerson) #271

I agree with you Henry.
And since I have been using iPeng 9 for over a month to have iOS playback 1.4 was a not a Christmas present for me.

Most do not have MQA enabled dacs at this point. Those with Schiit gear stuck with non upgradable mqa hardware.


Happily so, I couldn’t give a Schiit about mqa.

(Robert ) #273

I’m somewhat interested in MQA, but have an alternate DAC to use for that. Love my Schiit and am OK with Schiiter’s public position on MQA. Use a Meridian product for my MQA decoding.

(Robert ) #274

It’s a good stuck.

(Paul Dickerson) #275

Sorry to disappoint, but Roon and Sonore are releasing MQA unfold, so even those with the Schiit dac’s can participate in the hobby.


First unfold only and irrelevant to me, I won’t buy mqa encoded content and I don’t use a streaming service.


Same here.


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