Can iPeng make the iPad a Roon endpoint? [Yes. Implemented in iPeng 9.3]

(Mr Fix It ) #121

@Joerg_Schwieder what is the minimum iOS version and iPad/iPh hardware iPeng 9 will work on?

(Christopher Rieke) #122

The iTunes store link above states:

Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

(Mr Fix It ) #123

Thanks Chris…forgot its on the store


Actually you don’t need VPN for JRemote to access JRiver on a different network. It just works. So the fact that JRemote works doesn’t mean you can access Roon, you definitely need a VPN to access Roon on a different network.

(Andrew Stein) #125

Thanks. That makes sense. It was working, but the sound stopped playing and I can’t seem to get it back. The Roon play button is greeted out.

Does using iPeng with the Roon app still provide bit-perfect sound output?

(John Aiello) #126

Probably not since it’s Airplay.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #127

No – audio is sent via the Squeeze/LMS protocol, not over AirPlay.

Recent iPhones can handle up to 96/24 natively. Roon signal path to iPeng shows bit perfect at that rate, but I’m not sure what happens when iPeng hands off the stream to the iOS audio frameworks / iPhone DAC.

(David Orgel) #128

Yes, I’m curious about this. I did a little listening last night with my IEMs hooked up to the iPad via CCK and DragonFly Black, so it would be nice to know what’s going on in these situations. The Roon signal path just isn’t informative here.

(John Aiello) #129

I stand corrected. Sorry for the misinformation on my part.

(Larry) #130

So at the risk of being told that I am daft because I did not read back through all 129 posts of this thread I want to ask a simple question.

If I already have LMS running on my 24/7 server and can use iPeng on my phone and my iPad to play directly to my iDevices (which I have been doing daily for a couple of years now, outputting via my Apple devices to headphones via an Oppo HA-2 amp) why do I even care that Roon cannot output to my iPhone or iPad? I don’t understand the excitement here. I have always been more than happy to use iPeng to play to my devices and then just open Roon on my iDevice to play to my full-sized kits that Roon recognizes as endpoints.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #131

Some of us have little interest in running LMS but do like to play to their iOS device from Roon at times.

At this moment, I’m sitting outside of our holiday home (Roon running on an MBP in the house), iPhone in hand, AirPods in ear, single malt in glass, listening to Roon and looking at this:

Not audiophile in any way, but boy – does it sound good…

(Steve) #132

Answering my own question, I got this working:

-I hadn’t bought the player, so did so on the iPad. That worked great.

-The option to enable player still didn’t show up on iPhone, so just deleted the app and re-installed it. Option showed up and was pleased it let me restore purchases. Voila.

Nice solution. Trickier for others in the household as each would need to buy ipeng and the player, but at least I’ve got it! Will no doubt get a run with it in the garden tomorrow at some point.

(Mark) #133

Would Apple Family Sharing not get around this?

The main app should be covered, but I’m not 100% certain how Family Sharing deals with subsequent in-app purchases.

(Larry) #134

OK I get it! I still run a full sized server at my home so Roon is always available when I want to play to end points. I use iPeng to play to my mobile devices directly, most of the time with JRemote or MusicStreamer as alternates. Outside of my home network JRemote gets full duty streaming from my home network location. Sometimes I think I do too much tinkering LOL.

(Andrew Stein) #135

I also wanted to use iPeng to play my music on wireless headphones through my iPhone. But I can see how the scenery could enhance the audio quality.


I am an old time user of iPeng. Since I am now using Roon as opposed to LMS, I will be updating to iPeng newest version anAnd buying the app to use my iOS devices as Roon endpoints. Thanks to the author! Great update!

(Anders Vinberg) #137

My answers:

  1. I appreciate the metadata driven discovery capabilities of Roon (“listening to a piano trio, who is this bassist, what else do I have with him, what does Tidal have?”), and I want that whether I’m listening in my big rig or with my iPad and Audeze headphones; music discovery should not depend on hardware.
  2. For many albums I choose which is the key artist. Vijay Iyer and Wadada Leo Smith, Beethoven with Klemperer, Alison Krauss and a Robert Plant - I have to make a choice where in the alphabet those slums are. If I use another system to play on the mobile device, it becomes difficult to find stuff.
  3. Plus those other systems require a single name, in Roon I can look at any of those names.

(Larry) #139

You know, as I see comments like yours I absolutely see that these are all legitimate reasons for wanting to use one program over another. It also points out the challenges that I think the designers of programs like this face in trying to make something that appeals to the habits of a huge diverse type of listener.

While I do not tend to get as deep into things as it sounds like you do I will admit to at times wanting to know more about individual artists and what their discography or timeline has been and you are right that it certainly is more seamless to find that in Roon.

I also admit to having found myself at the computer doing so not at a portable device when I start searching things like that. You are correct in that the convenience factor of having everything with you on all devices is good.

Thanks for the input! Happy listening.


zeeland? Looking good.

(Mr Fix It ) #141

@Joerg_Schwieder I have 3 iPads (2 of them rather old iPad 2’s and later iPad Air 2, plus an iPh 6s+

I can see the added player in both the newer devices (iOS 10.3.2) but not the older 9.3.5 iOS iPads but get the Restore previous purchases button on them and while when I press the green button I get Purchase successful pop up it doesn’t seem to take and no matter how many times I go through the process it never gets added.

Is there a need to purchase the player for devices under one account?

EDIT This could just be a bug…as it appears at least one of the old iPads is able to play from the Roon Core setup :slight_smile: