Can my Nucleus control my Anthem MRX 720?

My nvidia shield moves the volume on my Anthem receiver. But, the Roon software doesn’t seem to do the same. Given that I’m going via HDMI out from the Nucleus into my receiver I’d imagine this is easily done.

What setting do you have for Volume control under Device settings? I suspect that the audio signal from the Nvidia Shield is passed through the system mixer whereas Roon has exclusive control of the Anthem.

Fixed Volume.

I’d like to avoid using dsp volume.

The shield is an HDMI input to my anthem just like the nucleus.

Welcome to the Anthem trap. They have year over year promised Roon Ready certification and now with the xx40’s they still haven’t delivered.

You won’t be able to do what you want with any of the xx20 family, and it appears unlikely with the xx40. This along with the noisy fans in the new gear and a pile of never squashed bugs is why I returned an 1140 and went back to our 1120. I am looking at switching to either an Arcam or Trinov as my next HT. If it wasn’t for one tech at Anthem, Upi, I think they would have gone out of business by now.

Anthem make decent sounding hardware with just about the absolute worst support on the planet. The AVR Remote app still doesn’t work for the MRX 720 and is hugely buggy on both Android an iOS!

But, to be fair, the 720 never promised Roon support. What I’m asking for is HDMI CEC control of volume which is really within reach of any Roon server’s coder with only a handful of lines of code to pass the signal along. It adds the right functionality to the Nucleus at the correct place in the chain.

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Hi @raoul-sam_daruwala ,

Thanks for the feedback here.

While HDMI CEC controls would be a good idea, it is not possible at the moment. I’ve passed this on as a feature request to the team, but it would also help if you would post this request in the #feedback:feature-suggestions, as our product team keeps a close eye on this category.

For the time being, DPS Volume would be the best way to control your Anthem.

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