Can NAA release DAC when no music is playing

Hi, thanks for RopieeeXL! Being able to stream from Roon, Airplay, Spotify and HQPlayer is totally amazing. One thing I notice is that if I play to NAA from HQplayer and then try to play from Spotify, no music comes out and I have to close out of HQPlayer before I have sound. Does this imply that HQplayer or NAA does not release the DAC even though nothing is playing? More generally, it would be great if XL and monitor new music being player to it and disconnect the prior stream and play the new stream. Thanks!


I think that NAA releases it after a certain period of time. Not sure how long that takes.
Monitoring audio playback is tricky, because of what you experience: the application(s) take full control over the device.

Thank you…not sure, my experience is that it doesn’t release control unless I close out of HQPlayer. Is there a way to add a button in the RopieeeXL UI to force a release?