Can NAD T 758/777 v3 receivers act as wired Roon endpoints

I’m interested in the NAD T 758 v3 and NAD T 777 v3 receivers.
The v3 versions come with the VM 300 module installed and BluOS support using a USB KeyDongle.
Can I use these AV receivers as wired Roon (RAAT) endpoints?

AFAIK, the LAN port on the VM300 is meant for IP control / automation systems like Crestron, AMX, Control4. The BluOS upgrade/activation dongle plugs into the USB port and offers wireless connectivity only.

Unless things have changed – your NAD dealer will have up-to-date information.

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Feedback from NAD support:

All BluOS capable players which includes the NAD T758v3 and T777v3 players with BluOS upgrade kits, are Roon Compatible Endpoints. Wired or Wireless both are good.



I upgraded my T787 with the VM300 and BluSound options and it works fine with Roon. Disappointingly though it can only handle 2 channels so it won’t work for multichannel flacs.

I believe BluOS is two channel by design.

NAD treats T 758 V3 as separate product with separate page , not the same as T 758. So i think it have to be added separatly to NAD roon ready players list . Strange, but i didn’t find page for T 777 V3 , Data sheet for it exists nevetheless )))

The NAD T 777 v3 will be released shortly, it is expected in Europe in November.
At least according to the HiFi Klubben webshop.
The NAD T 777 is on my wishlist, together with a pair of Dali Rubicon LCR speakers and a Dali Sub M-10 D subwoofer. For the center speaker I’m hesitating between another Dali Rubicon LCR and the Dali Fazon LCR. I will need to move the TV about 20 cm higher up the wall if I use the Rubicon LCR center speaker.

Sorry for Off-topic: I made choice in favour of Dali Zensor Sat for backs , mainly due to good look ))

That is the Dali Fazon Sat. I will be using two of them as rear speakers.


Add BluOS to any existing stereo system or put wireless speakers wherever you want in the house, and use the app to setup and connect devices together on your WiFi network. Without cords running everywhere or ever accessing a computer.

The NAD T 777 v3 landed on the NAD website. :slightly_smiling_face:

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