Can No Longer Connect My LHLabs Pulse X DAC to Roon [Solved]

Hi crew. Perplexed here.

Roon running on i7 server. 16 Roon endpoints in our home. 15 are working fine.

Seemingly, I can’t get my LHLabs DAC to be recognized by Roon, now that I am running v1.5.

Setup has not changed. i7 core to switch to MOCA network. MOCA network in den connected to a switch into which are connected a Windows 7 PC for Roon multichannel in my den, which is working fine (and thus I think this not an Ethernet connectivity issue to my den, as the other Roon endpoint t is working side by side), and to an rpi3 running DietPi and Roon bridge. That rpi3 is what is USB connected to my LHLabs DAC in my den.

Roon sees the rpi3 endpoint and shows me both bcm2835 ALSA and bcm2835 ALSA IEC958/HDMI, but of course, neither of those are the LHLabs DSD128 DAC.

I have reflashed the rpi3 and loaded the most current version of DietPi and Roon Bridge. I have rebooted the rpi3 many times, along with the DAC. I have rebooted the Roon core server. I keep seeing the endpoint in Roon but I just can’t seem to the DAC to talk to the rpi3 any longer.

Thoughts? Thanks. JCR

Hey @Jeffrey_Robbins – that’s a strange one. Sorry for the trouble here.

So you’re obviously able to connect to the RPi, but the LH Labs DAC isn’t showing up at all – you looked at Settings > Audio and you see other zones on the RPi but not the LH Labs, correct?

Have you tried connecting the LH Labs to something other than the RPi? Tried a different USB cable?

If the DAC works fine connected to the Win7 PC, that would be an interesting data point. Let me know if you’ve confirmed that the DAC is working with a different connection, and @support will able to take a closer look at this.

Thanks for your patience!

Hello, @mike. Yes, correct, I can see all the other endpoints and the DACs to which they are attached. But only the endpoint, not the LH DAC.

I will try a few more permutations, including those you recommend as well as a swichout of rpi3s to one that is running the older version of DietPi on kernel 4.9.62-v7+, as compared to the newer version — only on the rpi3 in question — on kernel 4.14.34-v7+. I will report back and then we can go from there.

I should mention that I have an Audioquest Jitterbug in series with the USB cable to the LHLabs. But, that’s been there for a long while and has worked just fine. Pulling it out of the USB connection did not solve the issue.

The DAC in the same room that is working fine and attached to the W7 PC there is a multichannel DAC from miniDSP. It is working with both WASAPI and ASIO in multichannel mode. I will USB-connect the LHLabs DAC into the PC and see if Roonbridge running on the PC sees it.

To be continued. Thanks for the prompt response, @mike. Cheers. JCR

@mike — I have it working! It did not work on the PC. It did not work with a different rpi3. It did not work after reflashing the SD card and reinstalling DietPi and Roonbridge.

What worked, after all that, was a power cycle of the DAC. Not a power cycle of the power supply running the DAC (I have LHLabs’ separate power supply) — even though that obviously power cycles the DAC.

No good explanation, but that did it. Thanks. JCR

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