Can no longer connect to Roon core via mesh network since

Roon Core Machine

NUC (7 or 8ish i5) running ROCK

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Core connected vodafone router via ethernet switch. One BT Whole Home WiFI disk connected direct to ethernet switch.
2 additional Mesh disc in other parts of the house.

Connected Audio Devices

Multiple Ropieee RPi 3/4s connected via ethernet to mesh satellites and internet.

Number of Tracks in Library

7000 ish tracks tops.

Description of Issue

Although the upgrade to 2.0 and ARC seemed to work well initially, I now cannot connect to the core via mesh. If I’m sat close to the mesh disc connected via ethernet to the core then the remote works as normal. RPIs will also connect to the core if they are forced to route through the primary wifi mesh disk. End points in other parts of the house which can’t see the primary mesh disk but are connected to the mesh network either via wifi or ethernet to a satellite mesh disk cannot see the core and are therefore unusable. The upgrade to 2.0 therefore seems to have killed the cores ability to see anything that isn’t either connected via ethernet, or connected to a mesh disk that is connected via ethernet.

Yes, connecting all of the mesh disks direct via ethernet would probably solve the problem and be great, but is unfortunately not possible without ripping my walls, floors and ceilings apart! Ultimately I’d just like the system to work via mesh like it did prior to 2.0. I’ve tried resetting the Mesh network and the vodafone route to no avail. Everything else connects to the internet fine via the mesh, so it seems to a be a new post-2.0 problem rather than a my network problem.

Have port changes introduced to allow ARC remote access somehow killed the ability for the core to be seen via a mesh network? If so, can I fix it?

Sorry to hear about some of the issues you are experiencing. I don’t believe Roon 2.0 changed anything that would affect your mesh network, but as a check, are you mesh devices from BT on the same subnet (using the same or addresses) as the Vodafone router, where either the xxx or aaa are the same between the devices?

Thanks Robert, will have a look at that this weekend. I’d love to go completely wired to prevent any of these problems, but it’s just not doable without causing enormous amounts of mess and redecorating!

Just as a starter have you rebooted everything from the router outward? I’d close everything down and the reboot from the router, then the mesh then once that’s up the roon stuff.

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Hey @bassman,

You have my sincerest apologies for the delayed response here, we’ve been dealing with a higher-than-usual volume following our release and we’re working as quickly as we can to get back to everyone.

I wanted to check in to see if you were still running into issues? Did @Robert_F’s suggestion help?

I’ll be on standby for your reply :+1:

Thanks for following up Ben, the apology is all mine as I had meant to post an update to say it had been resolved. I’m not sure what fixed it specifically; I tried the fixes suggested above which didn’t cure it immediately, but it did seem to sort itself out with time. I’ve been running fault free since.

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