Can no longer connect to Roon Library [resolved]

Good day
I’ve been going through the various post relating to connection issues between RoonServer and RoonRemote, and none appear to address my issue - apologies if this particular issue has been dealt with elsewhere already.

My setup is:
Headless Mac Mini running RoonServer, linked via Ethernet to network. OS is El Capitan
13-inch Macbook Pro running RoonRemote, linked to same network via Ethernet.
MacBook can see and interact with Mac Mini using shared display, so connection exists.
The setup was working perfectly until tonight, when RoonRemote could no longer see the library on the RoonServer. There have been some posts about ensuring that remote connections are enabled on the machine running RoonServer, but on the MacMini, there is no interface/tabs for the RoonServer - there is just an icon on the top menu bar confirming Roon is running. Right-clicking it, allow quitting Roon but there are no preferences I can find. I have rebooted both machines, started and restarted RoonRemote and RoonServer, rebooted the router, but no joy. Any suggestions?

On the Remote, what is the first setting, at the top of the Roon Settings/General tab?

On mine, it points to the Core, which is a Mac Mini, and gives its IP address.

My setup is similar to yours - an iMac Remote and MacMini Core. I dont run RoonServer on the Mini because I have a monitor attached to it and sometimes display Roon on it.

Hi Tom
Okay, so I feel a bit silly here, because at the office today, I was mulling over the surprise malfunction of my Roon set-up which had been so stable up to now. It then dawned on me that my music files reside on a Synology NAS, and that following a power outage, the Synology was actually still switched off and therefore off-line when the issue described in my post occured. Could it be that this was the problem? When I got home tonight, I started up the Synology and, hey presto! Everything is working perfectly again. Lesson learnt, and apologies to those who spent time trying to work out wat the reason for this particular problem was!