Can no longer import album images [Solved]

As title, I am now asked if I want to import and when I click YES I get an import error saying ‘No import Locations are available’ please enable or add one.
This is new to me and I don’t know what to do. My music folder to s available and playing. I can also import new rips.
Help please.

Hi Chris,

I haven’t heard of this sorry so can’t suggest any prior solutions. I’ll pop it into Support where it will be seen by the devs on their usual rounds. Hope it can be fixed soon for you.

Thanks Andy, this is new to me too, I have always been able to do this before and nothing has changed my end. I download an image to my usual download folder and drag it to Roon Add Images as always.
This Album is a pre release of Krista Detors new album Barely. We saw her on Friday in Manor Farm, Ardley, Oxfordshire and she was pure magic.

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As a workaround, copying a jpg to the relevant album folder, naming it “folder” and rescanning the album should work.

Found Krista Detor on Tidal and will give it a listen, thanks. I see she was influenced by Leonard Cohen; hope she’s feeling better.

Have you tried increasing the artwork memory size in settings.

Ok sorted, I had a JPE file, whatever that is. So I found a JPEG and it works. :grinning: Thanks for all the advice. Chris

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