Can No Longer Import Files Either by "drag and drop" or Directly into 3T Hard Drive

I can no longer import files to the 3T hard drive attached to the ROON Nucleus. I was once able to so I know it’s not a disc format issue (etc.). When I drag and drop it says “Do you want to import this file to your Roon library?” and I hit “Yes, copy!” But it doesn’t copy it though there’s no message that it didn’t. If I try importing directly to the server by hitting command K or command N and then going to “storage”, it asks for my admin password but after typing it in I get an error message that says: "items can’t be copied to “3T Music WD M Book (etc.) because you don’t have permission to read them.” @SteveSilberman, @support

Is this on macOS Catalina?

We have not done any testing on Catalina yet, so be aware that there may be issues we are not yet looking into. Often these issues end up being resolved by Apple in the lead up to the official release, so just wanted to note that we don’t generally test or develop against “preview” OS releases.

That said, @support can look into this and see if there’s something we need to be aware of. Thanks!

Mojave 10.14.5 on all computers and have same issue on all.

Also getting “error 36”

Take a read of this…

Here’s a quote from the link:

The problem stems from the “dot-underscore” companion files that Mac OS X’s HFS+ filesystem creates for files when they get moved to FAT16 or FAT32 volumes. These hidden files – which start with “._” followed by the original filename – contain extra information to go along with the main file’s data. The problem is observed when folders from a Windows-compatible volume get moved to a Mac and then back again. The dreaded “Error Code -36″ message is the result.

That did not solve my main issue. These files were created on my own computer and these generate


The error code 36 is also an issue with other files. I will try that. This system was properly configured and working correctly until recently… Thank you.

Hi @Michael_Fremer,

I know you mentioned this worked before but, just to verify, can you confirm how the drive is formatted?

If you try to copy files from a different machine (if you have one) do you experience the same issues?

If you connect the drive temporarily directly to the Mac, are you able to copy files over?

I was able to directly copy a file created on my Mac onto the 3T hard drive. Now I’ll return it to the Nucleus and see if it’s in ROON. However, the 3T drive is almost full. I think I need a higher capacity drive ASAP.

The file I directly copied onto the 3T hard drive was found in a ROON search and plays. I hope that helps further track this problem

Hi @Michael_Fremer,

Thanks for confirming this. Since we’ve determined that you can copy files to this drive to the drive from the Mac, it seems that something has changed regarding copying them over the network.

Do you have a different USB drive you could try as a test? It would be good to know if every drive exhibits this same behavior or if it’s only this one.

Are you able to copy over the network from a nother machine?

How low is the amount of storage space on the drive?

Can you confirm how the drive is formatted?

The 3T drive is almost full and perhaps that’s part of the problem? I can try a different drive and will today.

However, given that the 3T is almost full I think I should buy a new higher capacity drive and move the content of the 3T to it. Please confirm the best format for the new drive and I’ll try that before further trouble shooting.

I very much appreciate your help.

Hi @Michael_Fremer,

As noted in our Nucleus storage article:

Nucleus supports USB drives pre-formatted as EXT2/3/4, VFAT/FAT32/FAT16/exFAT, NTFS, or HFS/HFS+. Note that HFS/HFS+ (also known as “Mac OS Journaled”) is read-only, which means that Nucleus will not be able to make changes or store new music on the USB drive.

Generally, we recommend USB drives connected to Nucleus be formatted exFAT if you require compatibility, or EXT4 if you don’t.

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That is what I thought. So, this is quite bizarre: I specifically remember transferring everything from the 3T drive and reformatting it to one of the FAT formats and then being able to add new music to the drive, which I did for some time before this issue. Now I see that the 3T drive is formatted for “MAC OS Journaled” so it can’t possibly store new music which makes me wonder how it was possible for me to add new music to it. I know it’s impossible for the drive to re-format itself! So I am going to buy a new large drive and start over…I’ll let you know how it goes but at this point I’m still mystified how both of these drives are MAC OS Journaled…

I had to reformat my 4TB drive from “Mac OS Journaled” to “exFAT” to get this to work. And that is why multiple backup drives are essential.

I reformatted, erasing all the files on the drive, then copied the backup to the “exFAT”. All is good now.

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