Can no longer play anything on Roon!

I’ve not used it for a couple of months, but now, when I try play an album, it loads the first song, attempts to play it, then switches to the next one and so on. If I chose one song, it attempts to play it, then stops.

Internet radio is similar. It can’t play anything.

I didn’t change anything in my setup.

Playing around the System Output, I found out that Roon would play through the Core’s Mac internal speaker, but not through my DAC. I am using the USB-X connection on my Playback Designs player.

Has anything changed during one of those upgrades that could have voided compatibility with the USB-X? Do I need to change the settings?

My Mac is still using Maverick (10.9.5) as I know the USB-X is not compatible with El Capitan (10.11). There’s a new USB box out for the Playback Designs unit but I’ve note yet upgraded it.

Thanks for any help.

Hi @Cemil ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here.

In regard to the issue you are experiencing. We have had very limited reports of users implementing USB X in their setups. I think this may actually be our second report of this device, ever. Currently, we are waiting on gear to begin testing with the USB X as our knowledge and experience with that interface is limited.

Moving forward, you mentioned in your report that playing back out of the internal sounds card of the MAC yields positive results, so we know that Roon is functioning properly. Does the Playback design DAC have any other interfaces you can test with OR do you have another device you can try, so we can isolate where this issue is occurring? Let me know.


Hi Eric,
Thanks for your reply. I’ve finally figured it. Indeed, as you say, Roon was working normally through the internal speaker but not through the USB-X. It seems that due to a power cut, the USB-X lost the clock signal from the Mac. I had to remove the USB connection, reboot the Mac, then reconnect. All working perfectly again.

Playback Designs has released a new USB box, USB-XIII, that I will be getting soon. This brings it up to full compatibility with recent Apple OS releases, PCM up to 384k and DSD up to 4x. Might not be so useful to test the old USB-X anymore.


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