Can no longer start a playlist from a song that isn't the first [Fixed in next release]

It used to be that even if you wanted to play just one song from a playlist, Roon would play them all (starting with the song you selected).

Now it only plays the one song. I think this is good…

However, unlike albums where you can long press on a track and get the ‘PLAY FROM HERE’ option, this doesn’t happen for playlists.

Shouldn’t it? How else would one start playing from, say, halfway down a long playlist?

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Well I liked the way it used to play the song and the rest of the playlist. But that’s just my opinion. But madfloyed is right - if you want to start playing a playlist from the middle now it’s not very easy.

My ideal solution:

– add a ‘play from here’ to playlists
– add option to either play rest of playlist or just single song

Let’s ask @Support if the change was intended. If so we can add it to a feature request thread which I think exists.

This change was not intended. This is a bug, caused by a different change, and the old behavior will be back in the next release.

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