Can not add new albums from Qobuz to my library

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Roon Version 1.7 (build 571) - I7; 32GB RAM; Synology 718+ (2 * 8TB)

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Ethernet / RAAT

CH Precision Ethernet

with the last update I can not add new albums from Qobuz to my library. Neither from my iMac 2014 (Remote build 571) nor from my Huawei pad (Remote build 571). The implementation of new albums is only possible via my old iMac (Remote build 528), which does not allow an update to 571.
I’m not sure if the problem is with Roon or with another attitude. But the only difference between my computers is the remote version.

Maybe someone has an idea.

Thank you


Hello @Lothar_Wichards, and thanks for this report! Are you seeing this with one album in particular or is it any item from Qobuz. Do you receive the album if you force a sync under Settings>Services>Qobuz?

Hello everybody,
Sorry for the late response - I was on vacation :slight_smile:

I have the problem of not being able to add new albums from Qobuz to the database. But only with the current remote version.
It occurred to me that I installed the remote app on my daughter’s macbook a long time ago. I started Roon after a long time. The old version of the remote app was still installed here. Albums could easily be secured. Then I updated to the current remote app version. Now I have again the problem of not being able to add any new Qobuz albums to my database.
Maybe the problem is in the structure of my database. I still have the old iTunes structure and not converted to Music. Maybe the new remote app no longer supports the old structure?

I would convert to Music, but I’m just worried that nothing will work then.

the integration of new albums from Quboz still doesn’t work (build 610)
I can now access the database with music (apple). Synchronization with Qobuz didn’t help either.
With the Roon version 1.7 build 528 (remote) the integration works without problems.

Thank you very much Greetings

Hello @Lothar_Wichards, and thanks for the update! Are you able to test this same system but connected to a different network, like a hotspot on your phone?

Hello Nuwriy,

all computers are connected to a network and access a common Roon server. My database is an iTunes / music database. With my old computer (528) I can add albums to the database as usual, which are then visible everywhere. The old computer (iMac 2009) does not allow the remote software to be updated to 610.
With my macbook Pro, I was able to add albums to the database before the update. This was no longer possible immediately after the update.

Maybe you still have an idea?

Greetings - Lothar

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The error when updating my old computer is not the problem, but as described, that no new albums from Qobuz can be added to the database with Remote versions > 528.

Thanks and Regards

Hi @Lothar_Wichards,

I’d like to suggest a test which should help us better understand the root cause a bit better:

Can you go to the Qobuz app or web player and favorite an album? After doing so, head over to Roon and go to the Qobuz page and press the sync/refresh button. After this do you see the album you favorited appear in your Roon library?

Hi Dylan,

that’s working. Then the album appears in my database.

Greetings - Lothar

Hi Dylan,

I didn’t mean database, but the album is displayed in my Roon library.

google helps me translate :slight_smile: :grinning:

Greetings - Lothar

Hello @Lothar_Wichards, and thanks for checking that! Since you can sync favorited content from Qobuz, could you please (in Roon) try to add another album to your library from Qobuz and reply here with a timestamp of when you do this and what album you choose to use for this test?

From there, I’ll enable diagnostics for your account and get a report over to our QA team. Thanks!

Hello Nuwriy,

unfortunately I cannot follow you properly because the computer is a book with seven seals for me.

Can you please write me again in simple words what I should do.

Many thanks

Greetings - Lothar

Go to the Qobuz app and favourite an album and take note of the date and time when you did that.
Then come back to this thread and put in the time and date you noted earlier so roon know when you did it.

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Hello Ged,
I favored Hanne Boel’s album Unplugged 2017.
Date/Time: 2020 Sep. 29; 7:56 p.m. MEZ
No sync / refresh in Roon

Greetings - Lothar

Hello @Lothar_Wichards, and thanks for the timestamps! I’m having issues pulling a diagnostic report from your core, could you please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link.

With the update to Roon 1.8 my bug is fixed. I can add new albums from Quboz to my library. Perfect !

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