Can not click "view more"

I click “focus - storage locations”, then I can not click “view more”, since I have many more folders I need to “view more”
I would suggest ROON to make “storage locations” more powerful, as it is much easier to select different types of songs mixing together in one folder

Don’t have so many storage locations to exactly replicate your issue, but using genres as an example, a window should pop up with the ability to scroll if too long a list and basic sorting options, see…

I’d be interested why you need so many storage locations when you can filter on other criteria.

Hi Chris,

I have added multiple locations to my Roon setup and cannot duplicate your issue. Can you please give me an idea of the number of folders you have listed in Settings>Storage? I have added 14 storage locations and receive the same popup menu that @Marin_Weigel receives when clicking view more.

Also, does this happen with storage locations alone or is it also a problem for the other focus categories?


I have more than 16 folders,but with most of folders with chinese name, I think this is the different, looks like the chinese folders name needs more space for viewing . I am running ROON with windows10 at fullscreen. This issue is only on storage menu.

There is no problems when runs roon with ipad or iphone.

Another issue is that the folders with more items always listed on top, Can I listed up the folders by folders name?

Hi @chris_qsh

Thank you for getting back to me. We have been unable to reproduce this behavior. The plan is to submit your issue to our QA group to try and further reproduce this. If they’re able to do so we’ll submit a bug ticket.

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention.


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