Can not connect to Core.... with any Roon app but can see its up with IP

Core Details,
Intel NUC running ROCK firmware 1.0 build 227 Version 1.7 build 667 stable

Network Details,
Core and RoPieee on wired connection, laptop and iphone on wifi. All devices can see the core in the app.

Audio Devices,

RoPiee to dac or iphone with headphones.

Description Of Issue

It looks like the ROCK core is up and happy, all the apps can see it but when I try to connect to it, Roon asks me to log in, if I do that it responds with "you’re already signed in. To connect to the core you previously set up, just go back above… So then you go back and try to connect to the core and same thing… This happens on my windows laptop, my mac laptop and my iphone. I am not trying to start up a new core, it wont let me connect to the core that is already running.

I have restarted the core from the web site it creates (by connecting to its IP), I have reinstalled the windows client. Still the same problem, if I remember this right it happend after the last update.

Any help would be great, I cant use Roon in any way right now.

Hi @Walter_Fruge,

Sorry for the trouble here!

After signing in you should see an option for Unauthorize — Click that and you should be good to go!

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