Can not connect to Roon server after upgrade

Roon Server Machine

Mac Mini, Mac OS X 14.1.2

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Description of Issue

Upgraded to latest MacOS version. The Mac is running Roon.

As it did not work, I reinstalled Roon. Roon recognizes the Mac as Roon Server, and is shown ready.

When I try to connect, I get the screen to select account or setup test account. I click connect, it opens browser and I pick my account. But then it opens roon with the same connection screen.

Sounds like We have the same issue.
My remote worked until I upgraded the server to 2.0, and accordingly upgraded the remote to a 2.0.
Like you, my server is recognized, but the prompts to log in keep sending me in a repeat loop to no avail.

Hi @Heinz_Ensen,

Login failures are most often the result of a browser redirect issue. The common culprits are DNS server issues, browser ad-block settings, or network firewalls that are preventing the redirect.

I recommend trying a different default browser on the affected device first and trying to log back in. If you still encounter issues, enter your router web administration and try changing your assigned DNS to a known reliable server, like Cloudflare DNS, Quad9 or Google DNS.

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