Can not connect with Roon nucleus

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet connection

Connected Audio Devices

Connecting to several blue sound speakers along with blue sound vault which contains Library.

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

I did the update around 2 weeks ago and lost my connection to my Nucleus. At first I was not able to add Tidal to my Roon account, then my library which is in the Bluesound Vault appeared to be connected but no albums could be found.

Also all audio devices could not be found, nothing.

I have unplugged the Nucleus from its power and ethernet connection countess times. I have rebooted my router quite a few times and at one point when I had access to Roon settings I attempted to reinstall operating system. Now all I see is the Roon sign continuing to seach. I can access no settings. I am at a loss.

Are you able to access Nucleus web-UI ?


If not, please connect a display to the Nucleus’ HDMI port and see what is going on when you reboot.

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thank you. I attempted to reinstall operating system and it said it worked. I still have the problem of not connecting to tidal, my library not showing up though it says I’m connected to storage, and no audio could be found

If you selected reinstall from web ui of the Nucleus (this is not a problem and is safe) :slight_smile:

Local storage of music on the Nucleus ?

Reinstalled operating system for nucleus.

Can you share screenshot of




Where do you have the music stored ? There are no drive attached with music directly to the Nucleus at least.

Also I notice you have as netmask (from DHCP server); are you running multiple subnets locally? This is usually the cause of issues.

I have attached to a switch but I believe this is not what you are asking. I do not have any subnets. Honestly I had to look it up. I have an att router that I then attached to an Eero mesh network which pretty much runs the house. Would that be a subnet?

I have not had problems for around 2 years. Now I just can’t see audio devices, storage which is located in blue sound vault, and can not get tidal music to hook up

On your Nucleus screenshot I notice that the operating system has been running for 4:43 minutes, while the Roon Server software shows only 23 seconds… I wouldn’t believe that the server software needs more than 4 minutes to come up… You should keep an eye on those times. If the Roon Server running time keeps resetting itself or is much lower than the operating system running time, it would indicate that Roon Server restarts itself. This then would be something Roon Nucleus support would have to look into.

Thank you. what a pain in the ass this is

That’s how I feel about cars and legal proceedings…


Hi @John_english ,

On your Roon Remotes, if you click Choose another Core option, does the Nucleus show up there?

If not, do you have any backups of your Roon database? Can you try to perform a database + settings reset and see if that helps?

Your DNS does look a bit strange as if it’s set up for multiple subnets. I would also double check your Eero configuration to ensure that the network is configured correctly.

Noris, I do have the option to choose the Nucleus core. the problem is I have music connected from blue sound vault but it says I have no music. I can not connect to tidal, it just says login failed, I can not connect with radio stations and all audio can not be found. I really am at a total loss. I don’t know what to do.

Hi @John_english ,

I’ve enabled diagnostics on your Nucleus and the logs are showing that your SSD is failing, we will need to RMA this unit. I will send you a private message to gather purchase details, this will show up as a green notification on the forum, thanks!

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Norris, I believe I sent you the info. Can you let me know if you received it. Thank you

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Hi @John_english ,

Thanks for sending the details over, I have created a case for you with our RMA team, you should hear back regarding next steps via email, thanks!

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