Can not decode Tidal MQA file by ifi Pro iDSD using Zenith MK3 as Roon core

I am using Innous Zenith MK3 as Roon core and playing the MQA file thr Tidal by Roon. The ifi Pro idsd dac is connected to Zenith by USB.

If I play the MQA file thr Tidal by Roon, the display of idsd dac just show PCM, not MQA.

Please advise how to fix it.


Can you post a screenshot of your roon signal path.
Such as

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Hi @Young_Danny

You are using DSP functions, which destroy the bit perfect stream that MQA requires.

To overcome this … enable the Roon MQA decoder on the Roon settings page.

Roon will then be able to decode, extract the MQA signalling information, apply the DSP, restore the MQA signalling… and then output this to your DAC which will then perform the final MQA rendering.

Do the above and then check the signal path again to confirm all is well.


Hi @Young_Danny,

Carl is correct — You’ll want to use Roon’s MQA Decoder when using MQA. You can learn more about MQA settings and how it works with Roon here in our KB.


Thanks all


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