Can not download new version1.7(build537)?

Why could I not download the new version1.7(build537)?

Hi @Shaopei
Where are you located?
Based on the script in your screenshot it looks like you may be in China. Sometimes users need VPN to get a download through the Great Firewall.

I’ve popped this over to #support:nucleus-support area and support will help you out

Hi @Shaopei,

As Scott mentioned, depending on location there could be a firewall issue that a VPN could help with.

I’d also recommend rebooting the Nucleus from the Nucleus Web Administration Interface.


My Windows laptop that has been downloaded Roon Core in has been updated to version 1.7(build 537)successfully.But my Nucleus+ has not been updated successfully and still is version1.7(build 528).What should I do?

May Nucleus upgrade the latest version by adding wireless network adapter?

Hello @Shaopei,

Have you tried Dylan’s & Scott’s recommendations above? Were you using a VPN when you updated the core?

It is hard to find it.