Can not download Roon Core to iMac

I’m running the Mohave OS on a late 2013 iMac with 2.7 GHz i5 processor and 8 GB DDR3 memory. When I down load from either the Roon or Roon Server download links I only get the disk image RoonServer.dmg dowloaded to my Mac. No application is downloaded. When I open the .dmg, nothing happens. How do I download the Roon Core application to my iMac? Once dowloaded, I will be connecting to a newly purchased Luminary’s D-2.

Whenever you open a .dmg file, a new “disk” opens on your desktop. Look into this “disk”, and you’ll find either an app (which you are supposed to drag to your main HD’s Applications folder) or an installer. With Roon, it’s an app.

I dragged the .dmg to the iMac HD. The Roon icon appears but when I try to open it, I still get the same dialog box telling me i have a disk image. Again, no Roon app appears in the app folder or anywhere else like desktop.

No, you double-click on the .dmg file, once you have it downloaded. Then, proceed as in my previous post.

Hi @Eric_Streams,

Apologies for the trouble here! Please check out our documentation on installing Roon on Mac. If you have any questions that aren’t answered here please let us know!

it’s possible your imac is set to only allow installs from the app store, or known developers, which would block roon from installing.

you can change this setting in preferences–>security & privacy–>general.

Hi @Eric_Streams,

Just to verify here, you’re trying to download Roon and not RoonServer, correct? When you follow the instructions I shared above are you able to get things working?

Thank you for the advice. After multiple attempts, I have Roon successfully up and running on my Mac. Now it appears that my iPad may not be compatible. The latest version of iOS it can support and has running is 9.3.5. When I go to the App Store to get either the Roon Remote or the Roon Essentials Remove app, I get the “is not compatible with this iPad.” Is there a work around or do I need to purchase a new iPad to enjoy Roon? FYI my Mac is at the other end of the house from my audio system and I don’t want to have to move the Mac into the music room.

Hi @Eric_Streams,

Roon requires iOS 11+ to on iOS devices. You can read our requirements for all devices here.

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