Can not fix incorrect Band name in Roon

I have an album by a band called PROMISES, all meta data within the files are correctly naming the band as PROMISES, however Roon insists on calling the band THE PROMISE.

I have gone in and edited the band name within Roon as well, but still it shows ALL TRACKS PERFORMED BY THE PROMISE.

Why does it do this and how can it be rectified please?

You’d have to change the Primary Artist on track level, too.

Do you mean go in and edit each individual track as well?

For an album, you could just mark all tracks and then edit it once for all tracks.

Another question: does Roon know the artist and has the name wrong? Because you could - alternatively - change the artist (group) name to what you want it to be.

When I edit the individual tracks there is no option to change the primary artist name that I can see. When I first added the album Roon had the album name PROMISES and the Artist name as THE PROMISE, until I changed the primary artist in the album. So it shows correctly at the top, it just insists on putting the ALL TRACKS PERFORMED BY THE PROMISE there as well.

In the track editor you should find assigned artists there:

In the Edit Credits window, you should see which artists are Primary and therefore considered to be performers:

OK got it, there is an option to REMOVE credits, see below:

Thanks for your help, it seems odd that this needs to be done as incorrect information should not be there in the first place. All good now.

… if you do it this way, it might be a good thing to also add “Promise” as a new Primary Artist afterwards.

Yes good point!

I think that is because the meta-data provider has it wrong.