Can not get multichannel output to my ExeSound E28 via USB [Resolved]

I hope I am in the right place for help on my problem. I’m a newbie.

I just started my Roon trial to replace my JRiver setup. The Exasound E28 works fine on Jriver. I think I have things setup right on Roon, but when I play any multichannel files, I only get the front 2 channels. I have a test pink noise WAV file that walks through L C R SR SL SW channels, and only L & R channels get any sound.

I set up the Roon device for 5.1 and set up the speaker configuration. I also played with the various buffer options and switches, but no fix.

I updated the latest ExaSound ASIO64-8ch driver, but no difference. Going back to Jriver all is OK again.

Any ideas on how I can figure out what I’m doing wrong?



I’ve definitely seen this work before with an e28…

What does your Signal Path look like while only 2 channels are coming out?

Also worth trying setting up Roon in 7.1 mode instead. You can flip the rear/surround channels with a second setting if you want a 5.1 style layout. That sometimes helps this class of issue.

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Hi Brian,

Please keep this between you & me.

I am a total idiot!

While trying to get around another issue in setting up, I made some cable changes with my gear turned off. I then forgot to turn my MC amps back on. Dummy me!

All is well.

I promise to be a smarter user in the future.

The Roon system sounds so much better than JRiver! I’m very happy.