Can not log into the Roon core anymore

@support I was running my Roon core in a Windows 10 Pro N machine(1703,15063.850). I am not sure what changed, but I am no longer able to login into the core. I have reinstalled the app but the behavior is described in another service request that I saw, which is the Roon stays in the login hour glass as soon I enter the user id and password. The first time, when I saw this behavior, I had run it for more then 2 days. I also tried entering bad password and Roon does display the error message for incorrect login. My machine is a Lenovo TS140 with 16GB RAM with Xeon. The only other app that is running on this machine is Plex. My music is locally stored also. I have looked through the logs and can upload those but could not make any sense out of it.

Uninstall again.
If you have a backup, delete or probably better remame the Roon folder.

Install. (And install backup)

Reports back.

Of cause I expect you’re on Internett with that PC.

Make sure your firewall is off…assuming you are on windows.

Also make sure your remote is on the same network segment and not a guest network either.

The steps helped and I am back on. Part of the re-installation that I did not do before is to rename the RAAT server folder also. Thanks for the help. Is there a way to attach logs to the posting (for future need if arises)

If I understood your question correctly. Maybe I totally misunderstood

No you can’t upload upload files in posts. Only pics.

Did you use a backup restore as well ?