Can not open ROON (ERROR)

Did restore it came back now gone again. can any one help

Frank, welcome to the community. Have you been abel to install Roon and run the Core, or is this error message occurring during the installation process? It appears the application that is failing to start is the Roon installer for Windows.

This is a Windows error with the installer for Roon, not Roon as such

  • The setup file may not have downloaded correctly. Try downloading it again
  • Is your Windows 10 still the 32-bit version? (You are trying to install the 64-bit version of Roon, which wouldn’t work on 32-bit Windows and can lead to this error)

Unfortunately, there are many other possible causes:


Thanks for your reply. I do think it’s a windows issue I have Roon open now I did system restore if I close it I loose it I have 64-bit I have TIDAL and it’s working also Roon wont even do up dates from the platform. I will keep trying if you have any other ideas let me know, thanks Suedkiez

I have had Roon for a few years and had no issues just recently problems every time I try installing I get the oxc.000007b thing, I have it open now because I did system restore, I will keep trying. Thanks for your reply…

Hi @Frank_McCallum ,

This error happens when you try to run incompatible apps, like 64bit on a 32bit system:

It sounds like your Windows install could have some corrupted files, I would suggest trying an SFC and hard disk check:

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