Can not see all the albums of Muse


I am quite new to roon, and I have a problem (I guess I am messing up something :wink: ). I have payed accounts on Tidal and Qobuz.

Searching for the albums of Muse, I do not have all of them. I can only see;
Origin of symetry
Black holes & revelation
The resistance
The 2nd law

This list in fact corresponds to what I have with itunes.

How can I see the Simulation Theory, knowing that I bought it with Qobuz ?

Best regards.

Hi @Stephan_Chabert,

Where are you looking for this album in Roon? Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing (or rather, where you’re not seeing this album)?

When I navigate to the Muse artist page, this album appears for me:

Note that Qobuz purchases do not sync to Roon, but streaming albums that are in your favorites will.

Well, i removed my itunes library and things were ok. Thanks for your time and sorry for the maybe idiot question :wink:

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