Can not see my IP-address from my ROCK

How can I restore the ROCK network settings?

I use a NUC7i5 but I can not see my IP-address I used a static IP-address before my router crashed.

I bought exact the same router but I can not see the new IP-address.

You might try to go to the ROCK UI page \\rock\ and the IP will be displayed as well as let you change it. However, you might not be able to get to that page.

One way, would be plug a monitor into the ROCK and it’s IP will be displayed. Then setup a PC and set it to a static IP in the same subnet as the ROCK. this will then allow you to get to the ROCK UI page, as noted above, and change from using Static to using DHCP.

Once the Rock is back to DHCP and can be seen by the rest of the network, try Reserving IP at the router level instead of setting the static IP at the device level.

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You could install a WiFi network analyser on your phone or tablet. This will scan your while network and give you the IP addresses of the various devices.

Here is a screenshot of the one I use and you can see the ROCK and it’s IP address. It’s called Net Analyzer and it’s free on iOS at least.

I allready pluged the NUC in a monitor. The Monitor Shows the Message Searching for networkadress …
If this persists (and it does) please check your Network Connection.

The NUC is a NUC7i5 BNK (a recently bought it) Then I Up-Datet the Bio and downloaded the Rocksoftware. The bio is Up-dates succesfully and the Rocksoftware to.

I used a Network analyser but in does not show the NUC

How is the NUC connected to the router? Did you assign the static ip in the ROCK control panel or reserve it on the old router?

Connection NUC-Router is with a cable (Thrue a switch).
Static IP-Adres was made in the Rock Control panel

Change this to DHCP and try again. Clearly ROCK is unable to register its IP address with the router. If you want a fixed IP address it’s preferable to use DHCP with address reservation (if the router supports this.) Otherwise make sure you set up the static IP correctly, i.e. same subnet and correct net mask and DNS.

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Agree. Suspect there is some conflict between the static IP address and the new router somewhere.

Happened to me 5 minutes ago. I login to my router, looking for my Sonic, copy IP address and open my web browser with IP.

Hi @MMG_Schlosser,

Definitely try to change from static-IP to DHCP and let us know if that helps!

The NUC was broken. Send it back to the store for repair and got it back. Now it is Up and Running.
Thanks to all.


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