Can Nucleus be powered on remotely?

Curiosity question: do Nucleii have remote starting capability?

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Like Wake on LAN? Now that would be nice!

I’m assuming WoL will only work from sleep mode not powered off. But as the next post indicates maybe there is hope. Haven’t tried on my NUC tho I must say

Excerpt from the Intel website linked above:

Wake-on-LAN (WoL) is a hardware/software solution that wakes up your computer remotely from a low power mode or off mode.

Devices that do support Wireless Wake-on-LAN only support wake from system sleep states S3 or S4.

Nice, except Roon/Rock doesn’t support it. The app needs to send the magic packets, a feature promised 4 years ago…

So you either have to press the power button or use a third-party WoL-app to send the magic packet to wake up the core.

yes. Just send a WoL packet to them.

It can awoken from a powered off state.

No promise was made. The post you link to is an exploration of what the feature should be.

later in that same thread, after many ideas and topics were discussed, I stated exactly the opposite of what “the promise” you insinuate I made.

Maybe a feature request if there isn’t one as yet…

see my post edit above – the feature was requested and responded to.

Let a Pi run etherwake, problem solved.

Seems perfectly reasonable to just walk over and push the button. BTW, with the NUC just idling, I measured 7 watts being drawn.

One could ask their spouse to perform the request! :wink:

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