Can one bulk delete Tidal collections? [Collections]

I’ve added tidal essentials and world and now would prefer just have my own collection in Roon.
Can I delete the albums added without going through them one by one?

It’s in the Roon Knowledge Base FAQ section [I added collections from Tidal, how do remove that content?]

Cheers, Thanks for that, easy when you know how!


Where’s the FAQ, please?

FAQ is now in the Roon Knowledge Base, I’ve updated the link above.

Thanks Carl.

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I have this question too. Can I bulk delete a collection using the iOS Roon Remote app? How do I “select all” in iOS? The instructions in the FAQ are for OS X.

BTW, I’m quite new to Roon and the community forum, so am likely prone to rookie mistakes.


I might be mistaken but not with the phone app. You should be able to with the iPad app.

Hope this helps.

I don’t see a way to do it with the iPad app, but then I’m a newbie…

Tap and hold one of the albums. It will be selected and a black bar will appear at the top of your screen. On the left, it says ‘1 selected’. Tap on that and a pulldown will appear, offering you the option to select all.

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Thank you, Rene. That did it!


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