Can only output Sample rate conversion to 96 - Roon closes when I set 192

I’ve just received a microRendu and downloaded Roon for the 14 da trial. I have a Tidal account. Here’s my system:
TIDAL/MacBook Pro Flac files -> microRendu-> Schiit Eitr-> Hegel HD25 DAC-> Belles Aria amp
It sounds very good. I set the upsampling rate to 96, although the Hegel will play 192.

When I set the speed to 192 in Roon and click “Apply” I lose connection, and then need go through the complete re-connecttio process (disconnecting everything and then step-by-step restarting). It happens every time I try to run 192.

What can you suggest?

Hi @Jeremy_Jones ----- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation you have made with us.

Moving forward, apologies for any confusion on my part but just to confirm, your remote device is losing contact with your core machine when you are trying to upsample to 192, correct? The core stays active, no issues? Does this happen immediately?

Furthermore, can you please provide me with the following screenshots:

  • The device settings you are using in Roon for the mentioned “audio zone”.

  • Your DSP settings.

  • The settings you are using with the microRendu via the web interface.

  • If possible, the signal path leaving Roon when the error occurs.