Can Output Signal Be Attenuated

Hello, I’m really enjoying Roon and my RaspberryPi /HiFiBerry DAC+Pro with RoPieee software as an additional endpoint in our living room.
A slight problem is my old but still fine sounding Marantz SR9600 Receiver is reporting signal overload when playing Roon via HiFiBerry connected to the Marantz analog CD input. (The “Peak” indicator is flashing.)
I can deal with this as the Marantz does have a feature that allows me to attenuate the signal input level “by about half”.
My question: Is there a way to lower the average output signal level in the DAC+Pro, or is this a RoPieee software issue?
Thank you

You might look here:

Its the three dots to the right of the zone your Pi is on then select DSP engine.

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Hey Bob, thanks a bunch! I made the change to the Pi DSP Engine on the core here in my media room. I’ll start with -3db. Now I need to run upstairs to the living room, disengage the Attenuation function on the Marantz and see what happens. Will report back.
Who Knew??!! A few short months ago I had no idea a Raspberry Pi was anything but a delectable memory from my mother’s kitchen.
Thanks again!


-3 dB did the trick! No more flashing"PEAK" indicator on the old Marantz with the attenuation switch disengaged. Awesome!
Roon is a wonderful thing.

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Why not run a digital output into the Marantz AVR? That would prevent any clipping on the input.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not sure I remember why I decided to use an analog Hat. I think my reasoning at the time for going with an analog rather than digital Hat was because I didn’t think my old Marantz could handle Hi Res (24/96 24/192) digital signals. As it turns out it can.
What I’m not clear on is if my DAC (a Mytek Brooklyn) connected via USB to my core PC and selected as the default playback device is sending the digital stream to the Pi via my home network or is it the PC’s sound card? I might have been thinking the Brooklyn was a better alternative for converting digital to analog than the Pi-Hat, my PC, or the Marantz.