Can RAAT certification/ designation be Trusted?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

macOS Mojave 10.14.6/MacBook Pro/3.5 GHz Intel Core i7/16GB/SDD/Roon version 1.7 Build 537

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Bell Modem/Router Hub 3000 (1.11 Gbps DL, 824.69 Mbps UL), Arkasis 21- 24 Port GB switch, Linksys Velop (Bridge Mode).

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
NAD CI580 (Firmware 3.8.8), CAT 6, Bluesound 2i CAT6, BS Node2i Wifi, MSB Descrete DAC Cat6)

Description Of Issue

I LOVE Roon, it works very well on my 2 Bluesound 2i players and my MSB Dac. The NAD CI580 works flawlessly with the BluOS, even when grouped with the 2 Bluesound units. It’s only when streaming and controlling the CI580 with Roon that there is an issue, especially when grouping a the CI580 with other (RAAT) endpoints.

Based on the fact the same HI REZ music streams flawlessly on the NAD 580 even when paired with other BluOS devices (but does not with Roon), I’m wondering is there reason to doubt the RAAT certification for the NAD CI580? I would not have purchased it without this certification.

Thank you @support for reviewing these posts. Looking forward to your suggestions, and re-assurance the NAD580 works fine back at Roon HQ.

Other notes

Sometimes receive the message that : "Tidal (or Qobuz) is loading slowly.This may indicate a networking or connectivity problem.” NAD CI 580 stops playing or skips tracks when streaming Tidal or Qobuz. During this, the Roon app continues to display the Meta Data.

Frequency- This problem occurs almost every time, when streaming just to the NAD 580 zone after a period of time. It happens almost immediately when I then try grouping the 580 to another Zone.
BluOS can sometimes start a “stalled” Roon Queue by pressing play, even when Roon app’s play function will not.

What I’ve tried

  1. Removed the Velop between Modem/Hub and put in Velop bridge mode
  2. Enabled DHCP on Modem Hub
  3. Assigned Fixed IP Addresses to Network players (Bluesound Node 2is, NAD CI580, MSB Dac)
  4. Scanned for Ideal WiFi Channels
  5. Factory Reset CI580
  6. Updated Firmware of CI580
  7. Set Roon Device settings to for NAD to Default. Toggled MQA on/off, render On/Off
  8. Power cycled everything- Modem, Switch, NAD, MacBook Roon Core
  9. Operated MacBook Roon Core in both wireless and Wired modes, connected to switch or directly to Modem
  10. Changed DNS settings in Velop to Google.

Hello @Markie_Sitar,

Bluesound has informed us that they are aware of issues with Roon Ready streaming on the CI-580 and are investigating internally. Have you reached out to Bluesound support regarding this issue?


Hello John,

Happy to help with this.

My dealer has reached out to Lenbrook (Bluesound/NAD) to follow up. They did not seem to be aware of the issue.

The manufacturer advises that there have been numerous software changes on both the Bluesound and Roon side, so it’s probably best to get the right individuals in touch with one another.

Would you kindly send the last correspondence you received from the manufacturer by PM to me, in order to pass along to Lenbrook? Additionally, if you have information when the RAAT integration stopped working it would be helpful as well (SDK version, firmware version). From earlier posts, it looks like this may have been an issue from July 2019.
thanks, Mark

Did you sort this out? I am considering CI580’s in a new home.

The CI580 sounds great with the BluOs. It doesn’t work yet with Roon even with the latest firmware.
[BluOS 3.8.17 ,RAAT SDK 1.1.36]. Because I need Roon, I basically only connect the CI580 to test the latest firmware updates for Roon compatibility.

Roon gave me info to pass along to Bluesound to get them working directly together.

My dealer told me Bluesound will release the second of 2 updates around the end of July that should address this.

That’s odd as many here are successfully using the CI580, is yours the v2?

The unit I have was purchased in early 2020, and based on the packaging I would assume it is version 1. I would love it if the CI580 would work for me. Are there any success stories posted since July 2019 where either version of the 580 is being used successfully as a multi zone roon endpoint?

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