Can ROCK software be scheduled for shutdown and boot up?


New to ROON, looking to add ROCK to an Intel NUC 8th Gen i3 system with an M2 SSD and seperate 1TB SAT3 for music.

I’m happy for the NUC to be left on 24/7, however I’m wondering if ROCK allows for scheduled shutdown and boot-ups like a NAS drive?

Thanks for any help here.

No it’s really designed to be on 24/7.


A NAS type device notwithstanding, boot up times are generally set in the BIOS.

Is this a capability of the BIOS on the machine that your ROCK is on?

I suppose it doesn’t matter, without being able to shut down automatically at a given time.


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It does. To shutdown simply access http://‘rock ip’/1/poweroff

I use curl to do this via cron on a Linux host but however you access this url, the machine will shutdown gracefully and power off.

I use bios power on function to turn it back on in the morning.