Can Rock work with Auralic G1/G2?

I have a NUC I5 with ROCK installed on it and If I’m not mistaken, it works as a server and a player. I’m thinking about buying a Network player such as Auralic G2/G1.
However I don’t know if it will work with Rock?

It says on the review that it can be used as a Roon endpoint. You’ll find actual experiences in the Auralic section of this forum.

I tried the G2 streamer and the G2 dac together and separately over Ethernet and both worked perfectly with my NUC running a ROCK, the G1 is being released for purchase very soon so I can’t say but I wouldn’t expect it to be different from the G2 regarding Roon support.

Wasn’t there talk of the G1/G2 running Roon Core in the future? Maybe I’m thinking Innuos.

Hi Ratbert,
Thanks for the feedback ! Did you change any configuration in rock?
I’m asking because as it works as a player it may occur a conflict…

No nothing