Can Roon also access cloud storage spaces? (SharePoint Server?)

Roon Core Machine

Roon optimized Core Kit with current version

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Local network with 1 GB

Connected Audio Devices

2 Yamaha amplifiers in different rooms

Number of Tracks in Library

93400 Tracks

Description of Issue

my audio files are currently stored on a NAS in the local network, everything works.
In the future, I would like to save the audio files in Microsoft OneDrive = Microsoft SharePoint Server and then let Roon access this cloud.
Does anybody have experience with this? Would that work?


Probably not going to be fast enough but you can always try.

I don’t think your experience will be great. There are others who have tried and given up. What works and works best, is content that is local to the RoonServer, aka attached USB storage or internal drive.

No way go add direct access to it Roon only supports local or local network mounts. You would need to have it as a local mount for Roon to see it I, but even if you can achieve that I doubt it will be good enough speed to maintain decent performance.