Can Roon ARC connect directly to Roon Ready devices over RAAT?

I’m a users of Roon at more than one location, I use a nucleus at one location. And switch my core to a laptop at the other. Can Roon ARC connect to Roon Ready devices directly over RAAT when the Roon core is not on the network (Ie at the other location)? So I don’t have to change my core to my laptop? Or would ARC only connect to Roon Ready devices directly via lossy connections like Bluetooth or Airplay? Thx

ARC does not stream directly to Roon Ready devices. You would need to use Bluetooth or AirPlay.

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i should stream to my d&d 8cs with bt or airplay? that’s soooo bad Brian. So there is still no way to manage and use 1 single music library and play to roon ready devices in multiple locations (

i am trying so hard to stay with roon but you make it so difficult. some simple fixes would make it so much better but roon seems to have no interest. for example, i can add any song to library from the 3 dots menu in arc - but i can’t remove a track from library??? it’s the same in roon remote! And every time i open the roon remote app on my phone i have to scroll down to get to my most used menu item which is playlists. while the menu stupidly shows radio twice, and composers and compositions which i will never ever use - why don’t you just let users hide what they aren’t using! And i can’t easily remove the currently playing song from the playlist it is playing from? and on and on and on. dozens of tiny fixes that would make the apps so much easier to use.

your apps are infuriating and lacking some really basic functionality. if i was CTO i would be embarrassed with the roon apps

Unlike the above post I’m so happy to have Roon ARC, but as a future feature I would LOVE to be able to use Roon ARC to stream to Roon Ready devices.

I have a Chord Poly-Mojo2 combination so would be great for that on the move.