Can ROON auto-delete files (based on Metadata)?

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Can ROON delete files without user intervention? The reason I ask is because I noticed something peculiar when I was updating audio metadata of my personal libraries. ROON is mapped to 3 library locations on a NAS. Two of the libraries contained some duplicate albums. The one library holds only high-res files (mostly 24-Bit FLAC & MQA) while the other has copies of the former files in addition to regular ripped CDs of my personal collection. the reason for this is at one time I never had the high-res folder mapped, just the regular and the 24-bit versions would still be accessible. I recently set up ROON ROCK on a NUC and mapped both network folder paths.

I discovered that the high-res copies in the ‘regular CD’ folder were now all missing. It’s almost as if ROON saw them as duplicates (which they essentially are) and physically went ahead and deleted them. Now I am also curious as to how ROON (if it is ROON as the culprit) decides to delete from the ‘regular’ network folder and left the ‘High-Res’ network folder intact as opposed to doing the opposite?

I’m also concerned of other files being deleted based on metadata duplication that I could not be aware of.

Roon does not delete any files without the user explicitly confirming this action.

Have you checked the Versions tab for the “missing” albums? What happens if you disable all other locations?

Thanks for the reply. The thing is these missing files were actually deleted (i.e. gone) from the actual folders on the NAS. The Artist folders are still there but the album sub-folders: poof!, gonzo. Pretty much everyone that was 24-bit related.

And thanks for mentioning that ROON requires confirmation to delete files. So I am going to conduct a test with this and re-copy duplicate files back to the secondary location and see what happens.