Can Roon be installed on more than one PC in the same household?

My wife has her own music library on her Mac, which is completely separated from the main listening room. Will my license work on her computer, or does she need to buy her own subscription?

If you want to run like that, you would need two licenses, however, there is a much better way to run for your wife that will require only 1 license.

Take her computer, and create an SMB share for her music.

Go to your the main Roon “Core” in your listening room, where the majority music already lives, and add 2 watched folders from Settings -> Storage. The first will be your local (to the listening room) storage folder, and the second will be a network folder that looks like: smb://YourWifesMac/HerShareName

Now, her music and your music will be access from Roon using any PC/Mac you want… only the listening room runs as a “Core”, and the rest run as remotes to that “Core”. The Roon she has on her machine will expose private zones that only she can see, and she can play to her Mac that way.

Create her a profile, and now she can listen to all your music and her music, and you can do the same :stuck_out_tongue:

If she doesn’t want to see your music, you can have her focus the browsers on only her storage location (focus -> inspector -> storage).

You can bookmark these focused views and those bookmarks will only be accessible to her profile.

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Ok a kind of similar note - I am upgrading my music PC as the mobo of my old one fried. The appearance of Roon is making me opt for a much more powerful machine (all your fault). For other uses I have a MacBook Air. My question is, and what I would like to do - install a trial of Roon on my MacBook to see if I like it - if so, go for a higher spec PC and try Roon on that - but can I do a trial on the new PC once I have it, if I’ve already tried it on my Mac?

When you login into your account on the second machine, it will ask you to either buy a new membership or to unauthorize the old computer. It’s a really simple process.

There will be a bit of a issue with migrating your favorites and stuff, as our cloud sync stuff is not fully operational yet. But come ping us here when you are ready to do that and we can walk you through it.

Hi, just to let you know that I have pretty much finished my media PC build and am going to move my license across today. I will follow your instructions as above and let you know if any issues. Thanks