Can Roon bypass DAC volume control?

I have a keyboard with a volume knob and I can control the volume from there while watching movies, videos or gaming, it’s easier, and I used to be able to do it with the Dragonfly Cobalt.
Now I got a Topping EX5 and I have to control the levels either from the amp or the Topping. Is there a way to control the volume on Roon via the keyboard?. I’ve tried changing to Fixed Volume or DSP control but I can’t.

No it can’t . Some DACs volume cannot be controlled via apps as they do not allow the volume control to be accessed. My SMSL and ADI DACs Roon cannot control their internal volume you need to use DSP volume to use Roon to alter it.

If your using Mac I have noticed to that my Dragonfly volume cannot be controlled by Roon when in exclusive mode and volume changes via the keyboard volume buttons but it will when not using Roon. It’s bypassing any system integration when in exclusive , you can change using In app Volume just not the keyboads mapped volume but Roons own volume mapped keys will work. You can check what they are in the app.

Hmmm, what happens when you try to change to DSP Volume? That should be possible with any Output.