Can Roon Create Custom Genres or Collections?

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Can Roon create custom genres or collections? I ask as I’ve poked around on the demo and don’t see anything obvious.

Specially, what I would like to do is add a directory of albums then be able to bring up that collection of albums within my whole collection within Roon.

At this time, it looks as if one adds a separate directory of albums, or adds albums to a primary directory. But then one isn’t able to quickly view or isolate that subset of albums.

Example, I have a folder of Japanese 1970s jazz. Is there a suggested way of adding that to my primary library so that when I want, I can can view and select music that is Japanese 1970s jazz among say American music or jazz?

Thank you in advance for any insights.

You can apply tags to the albums “60s Japanese jazz” “70s Tokyo jazz” etc then either manually filter each time or do the filtering and then save the results in a bookmark. The bookmark for say “Japanese jazz” will then automatically include new albums as you tag them.

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