Can Roon display the audio resolution (bitrate, etc.) on my TV?

This would be a nice feature so that I don’t have to go to my core or apps to see what resolution the audio is playing at.

Take a look under the cover and click on the signal point.

the display is possible in the settings

I am streaming to an Oppo 203 and it is connected to my SONY TV. I would like to see the audio resolution along with the album art etc. on my TV screen.

Where in the settings do you set it to show the resolution?

Under Settings General Customize album display Edit
I have selected everything

Yes, unfortunately that only works when highlighting the track on my core screen, which is my iMac or also iPhone or iPad app. It doesn’t show properties of the track on my TV screen from my Oppo.

then Oppo probably only passes on a web page representation.

My PC on TV is this

I am wireless to my Oppo and it just shows the album work; album title and song title on my TV. It is not the computer screen connected to my TV.

Then this is work of Oppo to do other thinks like artists, formats…