Can Roon endpoints control my Mac sleep/waking?

I run Roon on my Mac and that is where my music library lives and I listen most of the time with my DAC connected to the Mac. But I also have other Roon capable devices such as an iPhone with a Chord Mojo as one example.

The Mac is essentially the Roon server. My question is, is there a way Roon can wake up the Mac when it needs to and then have the Mac go back to sleep mode when not playing Roon?

I’ve tried leaving Roon running on the Mac and it seems to prevent the Mac from going to sleep. Is the solution for this scenario to have the Mac just be on all the time?

Ideally, it would be nice for Roon not to prevent the Mac from sleeping if it’s not being used for playback and then wake the mac when needed.

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I have some discussion on this here NoIdleSleepAssertion named: "Music is playing" blocks OSX sleeping

Just an update that I am finding this is working pretty well now under Big Sur.

I an leave Roon running on my iMac and it will go to sleep after the specified time of inactivity. Then, I can launch Roon on my iPhone and it will wake the iMac (not the screen) and allow me to use Roon. After my listening session, the Mac then goes back to sleep.

For this to work, in Energy Saver you do have to have the “Wake for Network Access” on.

This is the first time I have been able to get this to work reliably and I think Apple improved the sleep/wake features with Big Sur.