Can Roon group Bluesound Node 2i with Sonos Connect amp?

I installed roon core on a macbook pro 2018.

I can play through bluesound an amp and sonos separately but can’t group them.

The blue sound connect is reacheable via air connect and air play
The sonos are aside and can’t be paired with blue sound…

Thanks for your help

No it’s not possible, check out the Roon Knowledge Base page on Zone Grouping for more details.

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ok will go check it out… sad the sales man told me there was a way to have them paired. Is there a system in the market that can do this?

What company did he represent and what was he selling you?

I am already equipped with Sonos product and have 4 zones. I bought a cambridge amply + hifi speakers, and to have it hifi, I was suggested to go with the blue sound node 2i… my other option was to go with only the connect of sonos, but its not hifi. it’s fillion électronique in laval, québec, canada. is there another tool I could buy for my cambridge that roon could support and still enjoy the hifi ?

Sonos only group with other Sonos so you only option is the Connect Amp to have all zones grouped for synced playback. The node 2i is way better for sq than the Sonos, only you can decide if you want ot sacrifice grouping for your main system or not.

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