Can Roon mess things up? thinking about doing the trial

I have an iMac that has my itunes on an outboard drive (about 3 TB) and I also use the same computer a lot for making recordings and songs of my own etc with recording software. I had tried Roon before about 2 years ago and it did all kinds of crazy things including importing the recording samples from my songs on my DAW. It was playing music at half speed slowing my computer down doing all kinds of crazy things to the point I just gave up and deleted the app.

I was thinking of trying it again, just wanted to be sure it’s safe and isn’t going to doing something like wipe out my itunes Library or something. I love the concept and would like to have it working smooth and all dialed in just not sure if my computer with the DAW software is to much going on. I can always delete it again if I have problems but just don’t want to cause any possible permanent damage. You never can be to safe with software updates. A friend lost his entire iTunes library when he updated iTunes once.

I was a long-time iTunes user and converted successfully to using Roon almost 3 years ago. Other than being the location for new CD rips, my iTunes library is no different from the day I installed Roon - it doesn’t modify or move your files. It can delete them, but only if you tell it to. That said, back up your iTunes library! There are too many ways to do this these days - there’s no reason to lose your data!

I did have some stability issues when I first installed the software - freezes and crashes weren’t terribly rare, and it used to take a long time to start up the program, even with an SSD in my MacBook Pro, but things have gotten much, much better since then. The occasional re-start fixes most hiccups for me. In combination with Tidal, I can’t remember the last time I actually used iTunes to play music!

I vote that you give it a try. Come back to the discussion board with any questions, there’s a great group here who will gladly help you on your way!

Roon does not modify your files anymore, that feature was removed some time ago. It will only import the folders you point it to. However as you can never be too safe, you, like your friend, can always restore your iTunes library and your DAW music from your backup.