Can Roon only be installed on one PC, or can it be installed per household?

My Roon is installed on a lower floor of the house where my audio room is, and I would like to stream to the other side of the house. For whatever reason, I get tons of dropouts. Is it possible to also install it on an upstairs PC that has better WiFi to the rest of the house?

Roon core can only be on 1 machine, at a time.

To stream to upstairs PC, install either Roon or Roon Bridge on that PC. If you install the complete Roon, when it asks to install as core or as, I forget how the other option is worded, but pick that.

Your Roon core will recognize the new PC endpoint in Settings->Audio under the Network section. Just Enable and name the new endpoint, you’re good to go.

Of course, you’ll need a DAC connected to the new endpoint, but you know that.

Thanks, I’ll check this out!