Can Roon output to MacBook Air M2 analog headphone jack using the Built In Output

Is Roon able to output using exclusive mode CoreAudio to the analog headphone output of a MacBook Air M2?

I can only get it to output to the headphones output using System Output. Using built in output I am limited to the MacBook speakers as output. Am I missing something?

@James_Christner, welcome to the Community. When I plugged headphones into my 2019 MacBook Pro headphone socket, my headphones appeared as a third option, after System Output and Speakers:

The headphone port can be configured in Exclusive mode also. What are you seeing?

Core audio shown on Audio page. When audio is played show iOS mixer


This behavior (showing a green icon instead of the blue/purple icon) is due to the MacOS mixer being in the signal chain. Have you configured your Mac’s headphone connection to be in Exclusive mode? This will eliminate the OS Mixer and give you a blue/purple icon and high-res through the entire signal chain.

I just configured this and tested on my MBPro and was able to change the headphone output between Exclusive and non-Exclusive modes. Can you do that on your M2 Air?

I think I figured out I just hadn’t configured headphones for exclusive. Thanks Robert. Seem to have fixed my problem!

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