Can Roon play Apple Music?

Can Roon play Apple Music?How to operate?

No it can’t

It can play the music stored inside the iTunes folder, but it can’t stream directly from Apple music. If you want to play all of your Apple music with Roon, you must download your Apple tracks from the cloud first.

The only option is airplay.

I have an Apple TV and LUMIN streamer.
I control the ATV via an iPad and airplay it via Ethernet to the LUMIN, sounds really good.

This setup combined with a Qobuz subscription will replace my Roon once my subscription ends.

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I am testing Roon with the free trial and have a similar problem. All my tracks from Apple Music are downloaded but I cannot find a way to have Roon see them.
Roon only sees the tracks of my old iTune library (all the tracks from my CDs) and those that have a “Cloud Status” = “Purchased”.
Am I missing something?

I believe this was discussed recently and a solution offered. Not sure which topic it was exactly. Have a look-see.